Friday, February 29, 2008

Yes, Please.

Is it wrong that Steve and I both got turned on watching this?

Please don't tell our wives...

Austin Powers and the Guru Who Loved Me

We're really glad to see Mike Myer's decided to make another "Austin Powers" film.

What's that you say? It's not an "Austin Powers" sequel? Are you sure? It even has Vern Troyer in it. Are you really sure?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Episode #4 - The Denmark Pond Show

Steve finally tells the Denmark Pond Story, Dave loves Nick Swardson, the new web address, Tracy wants to hump Gary Busey, and the pink eye interview.

Steve joins the show again, but he's wounded. He's got a cold and pink eye (we'll get to that later), but manages to launch right into the infamous "Denmark Pond Story."

Dave tells of his love affair with comedian Nick Swardson, and Steve is quick to beat him down for it.

We have a new website address, Myspace page, poll, and comment line. Details in the podcast!

Tracy doesn't think Gary Busey was that big of dick, and Steve says Gary scared the shit out of him at a party once.

Finally Steve ends with another story, about his interview, and how he gave his potential employer the eye of pink.

Have a listen and let us know what you think!

The Dave and Steve Show - Episode #4

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Episode #3 - The Norman Bates Beatdown

Tracy joins the show again, Steve can't make it, the crew gets their first message on the message line, there's been a murder, being religious doesn't make you a mathematician, uptalkers suck, and the boys could still care less about the Oscars.

In this episode, Tracy fills in for Steve again who is probably off rescuing children from a burning building with Ralph Macchio.

Tracy and Dave talk about a murder that took place in Dave's town this very morning, and why it freaked him out way more than living two blocks from a federal prison.

They also touch on why uptalkers are lame, and finish the show off by still hating the Oscars.

Lots and lots of extra stuff is thrown in as well, so give it a listen!

The Dave and Steve Show - Episode #3

Monday, February 25, 2008

Episode #2 - Steve Broke Something

Steve shows up, Dave's wife tries to burn their house down, Steve doesn't drink, the duo hits some technical snags, and Dave explains why he has a horrible podcast voice.

Steve finally makes an appearance on the show that carries his name, and what a great first impression he makes!

The duo has some technical difficulties, leading to some pops and audio loss, but they should have it fixed by the next episode. If not, then Dave will blame it on Steve, since the podcast wasn't broken before he showed up.

Dave tells the story of the time his wife tried to heat up biscuits in the oven... on a plastic plate.

Steve explains that he'd actually love to drink, but also why that is the very reason why he's never had a drop. During this portion of the show, you can almost hear how square he is.

Finally Dave touches on why he has a horrible podcast voice, and teases the "Denmark Pond Story" which will kick off the next episode. Trust us when we say you DO NOT want to miss that story.

The Dave and Steve Show - Episode #2

Episode #1 - The Dave and... Tracy Show?

Oscars, Boob Pads, Pants Pooping, Deal or No Deal, The Writer's Strike, and Tracy's Introduction

Steve still doesn't have a mic, so Tracy fills in and tells his story of a speaker phone, the frozen food isle, and an issue none of us ever want to have when combined with those two things.

We also talk Oscars, and why neither of us watch them.

Dave discusses his fascination with Deal or No Deal, and why the Writer's Strike forced him to become a fan of the show.

Dave also describes the very moment when he realized he was a father, and it took place on the boob pad isle in Fred Meyer.

The Dave and Steve Show - Episode #1