Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Episode #3 - The Norman Bates Beatdown

Tracy joins the show again, Steve can't make it, the crew gets their first message on the message line, there's been a murder, being religious doesn't make you a mathematician, uptalkers suck, and the boys could still care less about the Oscars.

In this episode, Tracy fills in for Steve again who is probably off rescuing children from a burning building with Ralph Macchio.

Tracy and Dave talk about a murder that took place in Dave's town this very morning, and why it freaked him out way more than living two blocks from a federal prison.

They also touch on why uptalkers are lame, and finish the show off by still hating the Oscars.

Lots and lots of extra stuff is thrown in as well, so give it a listen!

The Dave and Steve Show - Episode #3

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