Monday, February 25, 2008

Episode #2 - Steve Broke Something

Steve shows up, Dave's wife tries to burn their house down, Steve doesn't drink, the duo hits some technical snags, and Dave explains why he has a horrible podcast voice.

Steve finally makes an appearance on the show that carries his name, and what a great first impression he makes!

The duo has some technical difficulties, leading to some pops and audio loss, but they should have it fixed by the next episode. If not, then Dave will blame it on Steve, since the podcast wasn't broken before he showed up.

Dave tells the story of the time his wife tried to heat up biscuits in the oven... on a plastic plate.

Steve explains that he'd actually love to drink, but also why that is the very reason why he's never had a drop. During this portion of the show, you can almost hear how square he is.

Finally Dave touches on why he has a horrible podcast voice, and teases the "Denmark Pond Story" which will kick off the next episode. Trust us when we say you DO NOT want to miss that story.

The Dave and Steve Show - Episode #2

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