Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Episode #31 - The Dark President Show

It's like Christmas in September and we're giving the gift of an amazing episode!

  • Steve shows up for his family reunion, in a Batman shirt.
  • The Pile is growing, and Steve got the chance to speak with two members face to face!
  • Tracy hung out and watched football while his wife walked around for three days.
  • Dave has some news that will sadden Steve, and he saves it for the end of the show.
  • The Dave and Steve Show Drinking Game is born, so get your booze ready!
  • The mailbag is full again, and includes the latest from loyal listeners, Amber, and Mike.
  • Steve refuses to do the ENews until Dave reveals his "big news."
  • A member of Pink Floyd is dead, and Sulu got hitched (Uranus jokes abound).
  • You can't yell "witchcraft" in a crowded theater.
  • You can't go home again, and you can't fake being a student to get on the cheer squad.
  • Australia is in the news again, and this time it involves "a chest mounting kitty mucker."
  • The guys finish off the show with a highly entertaining main topic involving their ideas for action flicks starring the four members of the show. Not only that, but Steve reads excerpts from stories that were written by the lads themselves, back when they were quite young.

Episode #31 - The Dark President Show

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