Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Episode #26 - The Red Dawn Show

Steve drums for the wedding singer and hugs hard, Tracy is on vacation and trying to finish up his book, Dave is an idiot who spent far too much on a couple of iPhones, J the Producer forgot about the show, Steve's wife wants to make a baby in front of the band, Bernie Mac is dead, Isaac Hayes is dead, Mrogand Freeman and John Edwards don't love their wives, The Dark Knight is still pulling in the money (though Tracy and Dave have yet to see it), Homer is on the Euro, a fat family breaks a waterslide, China makes more crap than the United States, Russia is trying to take over the South, Dave loves women's beach vollyball, the mailbag includes a call-in guest by the name of Mike from SuperstitiousTimes.com, "Contact" still blows, and the guys end the show by reading their one-sentence movie pitches.

All this and so much more!

Episode #26 - The Red Dawn Show

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