Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Episode #28 - The Heavily Medicated Show

It's another HUGE show, complete with drugs!

  • Dave is on all kinds of drugs.
  • Steve's kid loves skunks and gets taken to the gang mall.
  • Tracy's kid is learning to potty like a big boy.
  • The Barenaked Lady crashed a plane.
  • American Idol gets a new judge, and nobody cares.
  • The new season of Dancing with the Stars is announced, and still nobody cares.
  • The Democratic National Convention is in full swing, and even less people care.
  • Tall people don't like being measured.
  • Steve wants you to know that "your stupid."
  • It might be a Popsicle!
  • Age is no excuse for bad grammar.
  • Nuns are (hot) people too.
  • The mailbag is jammed full tonight... even if all of the emails are from the same person.
  • The fellas end the night by sharing their dream lists of guests that they'd like to have on the show.

Episode #28 - The Heavily Medicated Show

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