Monday, August 18, 2008

Our first contest entry!

I'd like to remind everyone that we will be taping the show on Tuesday of this week, so look for it to go up sometime on Wednesday.

In the meantime, I give you the first entry into our Dave and Steve Show contest. If you aren't aware of the contest, the rules are simple: Photograph yourself giving the official Dave and Steve Show salute in as crazy of a place as you think of. Bonus points if you manage to get it taken while standing with a celebrity, or in the case of our first entry from Paul, a noted politician:

That's right folks, Paul managed to get a shot of himself giving the salute while standing next to what very well could be the next President of the United States! Is it a Photoshop job? Who knows. Is it awesome? Most certainly.

For his wonderful effort, Paul will receive a "The Rocker" t-shirt from our friends at 20th Century Fox, as well as a lifetime supply of Uncle Steve's Magic Toe-Jam. And remember... "If you're in a jam and out of jam, think of Uncle Steve."

Think you can one-up Paul? Even if you can't, we'll still take your crazy shots and post them right here on the site, so make sure you send them in!

For more awesome content like this, check daily, and tell your friends that new episodes of The Dave and Steve Show are posted weekly here on the site!

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