Monday, March 3, 2008

Episode #5 - The Uncomfortable (Ray) Show

The boys recap what they did over the weekend, Steve attends a condo-warming part, Tracy plays cowboys and indians with his mother, Dave goes "Semi-Pro," Steve fills us in on the latest in top-secret government weapons, Van Halen postpones their tour, Dave creates a senior league for NASCAR, and has a brand new prison blanket on the way to his kid.

The show starts of innocently enough with the guys sharing stories of how they spent their weekend. Steve went to a condominium warming party, Tracy listened to Western music with his mom, and Dave watched NASCAR (against his better judgement) and saw Semi-Pro.

This leads to Dave wanting to create a Senior League for NASCAR, and going over the many changes and regulations that would have to be put in place, should such a league come to pass.

The boys touch on the state of the Van Halen tour, and Tracy mentions how much David Lee Roth is looking like Sting these days.

Steve talks about a "depression ray" that the government is working on to take the spunk out of terrorists and anyone else they see fit.

Dave also talks about the blanket that was made for his infant son by a family member who is currently serving time in a federal prison. He claims it's made entirely out of cigarette cartons, but he's just joking... or is he?

It was an amazing show, and one you don't want to miss!

The Dave and Steve Show - Episode #5

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