Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Episode #6 - The I Have Your Monkey Show

The boys try a new format, Dave tests out some new audio drops, the crew hand out the first Turd In a Pair of Jeans Award, the boys discuss the latest news topics, Tracy's Mom leaves a voicemail and his wife leaves an email, and Dave explains why he's never been in a fight and probably shouldn't be. This plus a whole lot more.

To kick off the show, Dave explains that the boys are going to try out a brand new format to The Dave and Steve show. Each show will begin introductions, followed by news headlines, listeners, the main topic, and the wrap-up. They'll toss other bits in from time to time, but this structure should give listeners a much better idea of what is coming up next in the show.

Dave shows off some new audio drops he worked on, which include some amazing audio clips from both Steve and Tracy!

The crew discusses the fact that they awarded the first Turd In a Pair of Jeans Award this past week to the Marine puppy tosser. Steve goes on to explain that the winners should be required to pay a penalty, which he explains.

The crew then launches into news headlines on Dog the Bounty Hunter, Madonna (which leads to a rant from Dave about why he hates the EMP), and the mom who pressured washed her child.

Next comes a real gem, as a very special caller has left a voicemail for the guys, and they listen to that along with reading a recent email they received.

The show gets wrapped up as the group discusses the fights they've taken part in througout their lives, including Dave physically riding a possible drug addict to the ground in a mini mart as his sister looked on.

All this and a whole lot more, on the most recent episode of The Dave and Steve Show!

Until next time... keep walking the walk.

The Dave and Steve Show - Episode #6

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