Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Episode #23 - The Andy Dick Show

Steve took in the Dark Knight and loved every minute of it, Dave doesn't give beer to children and looks disgusted at people who do, Tracy camped in the Redwoods and lived like a nomad, Steve hates San Francisco as much as Dave and Tracy hate the Oregon Coast, Dave went to E3 and met The Miz and got to see Dane Cook wander through, The Who and Coldplay don't rate high enough for a tired game tester, the butterflies weren't real, Steve thinks Michael Savage is an asshat, Jay Leno is out, Conan is in, Jimmy is on the interwebs only, Jackson went on a rampage in a personalized monster truck, a Barenaked Lady is in serious trouble, Andy Dick yet again lives up to his name, bullet-proof vests have nothing on The Bible and a good watermelon, people drink more when Steve's band plays, Steve interrupts the show to send Dave a link of his band playing music, footless bodies and bodyless feet don't go hand in hand, Jeff from BadAssBuilders.com joins the show for an interview, and the boys finish off the night by playing an 80s theme song trivia game!

It's our longest show to date, but also our best, so make sure you tune in and listen to all the fun!

Episode #23 - The Andy Dick Show

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