Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So get this...

Last night on the show I called out that Estelle Getty, famed "Golden Girl" was dead. Steve countered and said he believed her to still be alive.

Well it turns out that Steve was right... up until 5:30am this morning. According to the story making its way around the interwebs:

Estelle Getty of 'Golden Girls' dies at 84

By BOB THOMAS – 1 hour ago

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Estelle Getty, the diminutive actress who spent 40 years struggling for success before landing a role of a lifetime in 1985 as the sarcastic octogenarian Sophia on TV's "The Golden Girls," has died. She was 84.

Getty, who suffered from advanced dementia, died at about 5:30 a.m. Tuesday at her Hollywood Boulevard home, said her son, Carl Gettleman of Santa Monica.

"She was loved throughout the world in six continents, and if they loved sitcoms in Antarctica she would have been loved on seven continents," her son said. "She was one of the most talented comedic actresses who ever lived."

I want to go on record now to say that I, Dave of the Dave and Steve Show, did not in fact kill Estelle Getty just to prove Steve wrong. This is one of the most crazy coincidences I have ever been a part of, but I would never kill one of my beloved "Girls" just to avoid having to admit a mistake.

Now the A-Team on the other hand... I'd totally kill one of those bastards on a dare.

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